Devil’s Kundalini — Church of Ahriman (Dakhma of Angra Mainyu)

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Great Pairaka Manasa, uncoil yourself from Ahriman (the great Angra Mainyu). I beckon you from Kakola, the darkest pit of Nakara, to greet the soles of my feet in the plane of Patala. Coil yourself around my animal person and nature, and circumvent around my lower chakras. I beseech you to enter me through […]

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Worshiping Ahriman the Devil — Church of Ahriman (Dakhma of Angra Mainyu)

The Devil’s Yasna is both scripture and the spoken, chanted, and sung aspect of a large expansive ritual. Majority of the spoken aspect of the Devil’s Yasna is reading in the mode one reads poetry in a 7 metre rhythm. The Manthras found throughout the rite are chanted like Hindu mantras, but have a […]

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The Ritual Known as the Consumption of Mary by Jai Kali Maa — Church of Ahriman (Dakhma of Angra Mainyu)

Aftermath OSBI report: Oklahoma’s murder rate reaches a 10-year high

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An Aching Desire as I am Pulled…

Since I declared my love of the Void, the hierarchy of such, and disavowed Christianity in totality, I have been feeling a pull on my soul. I know it seems cliche, but I have this desire to do so much more. That the blaspheming of all things Christian isn’t enough. It feels as though the more I do the more is needed. My declaration of being a lover of all things dark, that I call on Lucifer and Asmodeus as mentors; that I have openly said I love Satan does not seem to quench the fire. I have never done illicit drugs, and was able to quit tobacco just by not doing it with no withdrawals. This is the closest I believe I can be and ever have been to being addicted.

This leaving Christianity has been building for some time. It began about 5 years ago. A key moment in that time frame was when I was researching the Virgin Mother – whore that she is – and came across a wall hanging that supposedly represented the Virgin of Guadalupe. When I first glanced at the the image, all I saw was a large, blood engorged vulva; lips open, clitoris erect and pierced by a golden ring (it was supposed to be a halo). From that day, nothing in Christianity was the same for me. I discovered the Yoni, the ‘fish’ symbol so many Christians use. As a fish, it represents Christ; set vertically ‘on tail’, it is the ancient Yoni symbol of the goddess.

As the song goes,”…I’ve got this burning, burning, yearning feelin’ inside me…”. What I can do to quench it; I don’t know. I have disavowed Christianity; repeatedly and vociferously. I have destroyed all my crucifixes and rosaries into pieces, parts and then scattered. Missals, Bibles and prayer books of every sort have been thrown away, torn apart and burned. I mixed the ashes with apple cider and bourbon, then drank them. Still, I feel that it isn’t enough. The more I do, the greater the pull becomes. I want to lean back in my chair as I write this, close my eyes, open my mouth, allowing all that is dark – all that I now crave – to enter my body and soul. Yet, I still don’t know if that would be enough.



The Heresy of “Modern Satanism”

Darkness Falls


The notion of Satanism as an organized religion only entered the public mind with the antics of Anton Szandor Lavey and his “Church of Satan” in the 1960s. Fittingly for his background as a circus performer and amateur psychologist, Lavey turned Satanism into a media circus, where ritual and black magick was nothing more than “psychodrama”, and an actual being called “Satan” did not even exist. Thus began the great heresy called “Modern Satanism” or “Atheistic Satanism”, which subverted traditional Satanism by removing its whole metaphysical basis – the belief in Satan. In its place, Lavey offered a hodgepodge of modern secular ideas borrowed from the likes of Ayn Rand, Friedrich Nietzsche, Ragnar Redbeard and P.T. Barnum.
If the essence of the Satanic is moral and cultural inversion, then Lavey’s Satanism was indeed Satanic, for it did invert the values of traditional Satanism, while at the same time…

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Moral Development: A Discussion On Determining Morality — Amusing Satan

What do Satanists follow instead for a moral standard? While there are various standards of morality depending on which of the Satanic groups a person joins, there isn’t one set standard across the board. How do we, as individuals, handle this difference? What’s really going on? Today’s topic is moral development and how people determine their individual sense of morality.

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